Wonderware enables energy trading platform for renewable energy specialist Solo Energy

Established in Cork in 2016, Alpha Automation and Controls is a systems integrator specialising in the provision of end-to-end industrial automation solutions to organisations in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and manufacturing industries in the UK and Ireland.

In 2018, one of Alpha’s customers – an organisation in the Food and Beverage sector – decided to upgrade its industrial automation system in order to eliminate hardware and software obsolescence.

In addition to this, the server hardware – which consisted of 14 thick client computers – had been in operation for five years and was approaching the end of its natural life.

Alpha recommended upgrading to Wonderware System Platform 2017, an all-new operating system for industrial applications that provides configuration, deployment, security and data connectivity, enabling users to build a model of their physical equipment and industrial systems and make the design and maintenance of these systems more efficient and flexible.

Alpha also installed cutting-edge DELL VRTX servers and changed all the customer’s PCs from thick clients to thin clients – lightweight terminals with no operating systems and moving parts that are optimised for establishing remote application connections to centralised Remote Desktop Servers.


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